The Second Amendment

It is hard for me to tackle this subject without touching base on the rooted culture the US has with guns.  Guns have been used for the sole purpose of killing. Whether it be for food or to defend from invading enemies it’s sole purpose it to kill, there is no such thing as trying to injure with a gun.

The first settlers that emigrated to North America were seeking refuge from religious persecution, working off debts, indentured servants, people who had nothing and saw nothing to lose if it meant that they might have a chance to prosper in a new land, and slaves.  Now this group of people came to an environment that was far from what they were used to; both flora and fauna were new, not to mention the encounters with their human counterparts.  Theses settlers tried to make their new home resemble as closely as possible their past home; if Mary lived next to John on the corner house, well then that is how they built their homes, with the same city planning structure in mind.

For those who came under the blanket of religion their perspective of life could almost be seen as black and white; dictated by the code that their minister and religious doctrine that surmounted in many persecutions.  Their visions and depictions of the natives is one of the many examples of how they labeled and came to fear the new or unknown.

For the indentured servants and slaves life was in itself another unknown.  They would never pay off their debts, and suffer under the master they put to work for.  Where could they escape to?  Life had treated them badly and now their predisposed experience would resonate if they should ever make it to be free men or slaves. Violence begets violence.

Lastly, the men with nothing to lose; the explorers, the trail blazers.  These were men who saw an opportunity to make their fortune abroad.  The homeland would in-turn reward them with land, slaves, titles, and any such other honors if they were to succeed.  In human existence, there is little that a person will not do in order to survive in such a position as these men did.

Now, with this very brief summation of the kind of people, environment, and manner of handling change, does any of it seep the resemblance of fear?  The obvious answer is YES. Not only were these people subject to a set of new experiences, but were still governed by their respective countries; France, Britain, Holland, etc. Protection was something that they needed in oder to survive and in comes in the form of  firearms. Protection from what they didn’t know, and how else were they expected to exert force on those they saw uncivilized?  Through fear and violence.

Please note that this is not to say that every single one person was like this, but to a degree yes.  It would be ignorant to say so, but for the most part ethnocentricity prevailed.

Soon after much expansion early on new formed colonies emerged with laws that were governed by their appointed monarchs hundreds and thousands of miles aways.  The British soon saw that their economy was residing and what better way than to make up that income than by taxing their constituents in the new land?  This blatant taxation that came in all forms soon rose to the uprise and the declaration of separation from the crown.  Guns where the weapon of choice, bayonets, muskets, and other firearms.  The new merging colonies needed these firearms in order to keep what they saw as their natural and inalienable rights, something the monarchs sought to appropriate.  After The newly minted United States of America won their freedom a group of only men sought out to make sure that their rights were never again put at risk, and so the Bill of Rights came to be.

The year was 1789, and was then ratified December 15, 1791.  These was a set of rights that were to ensure limits on government actions when it came to personal liberties. That brings us the now hotly contested second amendment.



I can understand the need to place this so early on (it is right after the right of free speech, hierarchy here is important to note), I mean the idea that other well established monarchies might seize the opportunity to conquer a new budding government could have easily been on the fore front.

We are now in the year 2013.  The United States no longer has a militia, we have a well funded (over funded in my opinion) military.  We are one of the most powerful countries in the world.  We no longer have a need to ensure “the security of a free state”.  The second amendment is outdated. We don’t hunt for our food, we don’t worry of invaders from Britain coming in and setting camp in the Boston Harbor.  George W. Bush brought us to the era of FEAR, fear of terrorism.  The idea that you could die from terrorist acts seemed much more likely  than from guns.

Citizens don’t need semi automatic weapons, we don’t need guns, period.  People seem to think that it’s in their rights… but what do you do when it is carelessly interpreted and used to kill innocent people.  When do you need 100 rounds of bullets per minute to kill a deer, or an attacker?  This inbreeding of violence has to stop. The lack of background checking and careless law making has made this not only and outdated “right”, but  one that is doing more harm than good.  There are who are responding in a away that denotes the example that has been set forth by many; killing is easy, and all you need is some guns.

This morning I read this story.

We are breeding violence and the news circuit treats everyone as human as possible but still leaving you with the feeling of  just a number, another number… another person dead.

There is something wrong when you can’t get a doctor to prescribe medicine because you need to come in the office so that he/she may examine you haphazardly  spend $200 dollars on the visit and another fifty or more for the prescription (most of us don’t have insurance), I mean they worry you might kill yourself if you take something incorrectly.  This can take up to a week to set up, but you can go to a gun show buy a gun and shoot yourself within 30minutes.  Do you see the problem?

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