Last Night…

I want to apologize for being away for so long, it has been a very busy and trying time and I have not been able to write.  This does not mean that I have not had anything to say, on the contrary I have had a great deal of notes scribbled onto pieces of loose paper.

As you all know, last night was the first presidential debate… and it was one of the most frustrating events that I have had to see in this presidential election.  Let me just state the importance of this election.  We as a nation are combating an economic struggle, which is slowly but not steadily  going up  again, and at the same time grappling to keep up with the change of the world (new world leaders, technology, climate change, war, etc.).   I worry that as a whole the United States has been resting on its laurels and really not projecting itself as a world leader (which we like to always remind everyone of).  Progress needs to be allowed to come, and I hope to see many of President Obama’s  campaign promises  come to full fruition.  Unfortunately it is apparent that we have been having minor (and I use that word so loosely that I am actually being sarcastic) hiccups with getting bills passed due to party differences… speaking of the Republican party here.

Last night we saw the two candidates of their respected parties come face to face to discuss, debate, and shed light on their to major topics such as; economy, fiscal debt, health care, education, and taxes.  The start to this first presidential debate got off on not so solid ground, as immediately Romney started to deny just about everything president Obama was  presenting from what Romney had proposed during his campaign until that present moment.  From then on it was pretty much of a downward spiral with only about the last thirty minutes in which Romney was able to gather himself and finish the debate with the last word (he won the coin toss on that, and so he chose to close) to what seemed a to me a memorized memo that was making its way from his head to his mouth.  It was as if this was the ONE thing he knew  he knew well (closing points), because let’s be honest the man looked more frazzled than someone looking to get their next fix  when it came to answering where he stands on basic subjects; medicare, taxes, and so on (apparently his index cards seemed to not be in the order he would have preferred).

Romney’s , points and the manner in which he presented them left me terrified to think that this is no longer the land of the free or a place in which hard work and perseverance pays off.  I know better than to believe most of the masticated words that were coming out of his mouth. Why?  Because  most of his points presented last night were not only vague in description but contradictory to what he has been proposing this entire time.  His adamant stand on refusing to increase taxes on the wealthy is incredulous!  My biggest question for him is, who does he consider to be middle class? What is the economic bracket that his middle class would fall under? I am no fool, and know that there will always be different social  and economic classes of people, but to have the majority of people fall into the  lower end of the spectrum is no way to have a prospering nation!  I can hear the Republican party calling me a socialist right now.  I am not a socialist, and if saying that a socialist wishes to open doors for those who are struggling to gain a leg up then so be it.  It is your ignorance and not mine.  To have a an educated and stable economic  population is what should  be the main emphasize to all governments.  This would not only open up jobs which we seem to need but not be able to fill because of the lack of training and education, but create more jobs, clean jobs.  Everyday the environment is screaming  at us to take notice… our drastic climate change, scarcity of natural resources.  It is time to find a way to use a cleaner and more efficient way to harness energy, and with this I think Obama is completely right about.  Solar and wind  energy is the future, with the proper implementations we could soon find a way to steadily  move away from archaic forms of energy.

As per the American Dream?  We all want it, we just have different ways of getting there.  This nation was built on those who want better, not just for themselves but for their families.  One subject that was not touched upon was that of immigration.  This nation was built on immigrants!  The hardest working men and women.  If the last couple of years have taught us anything is that these are the men and women who are  willing to work the jobs that most multiple generation Americans are not.  It has been proven, especially in the agricultural department.  Why is it so hard to find a way to let these people come and make an honest living, rather than make it difficult for them to?  They are not taking jobs away, they are taking opportunities that others who live here legally aren’t willing to do.  If you know you’re history, then you know that this is a recurring theme here in America.  Case and point:  who did we bring for the railroads because most American’s wouldn’t work for the pay?  The Chinese, and that goes for why they are so successful with their food, back in the day, men wouldn’t really be seen cooking.  Agriculture, Mexicans.  This in no way trying to pigeon hold any group of people, rather to show that these groups of people came and found a way to build themselves up and take opportunities.  No self-respecting  actor wanted to invest their craft in TV, but the Jews did, saw potential and look at them now.  The world now demands much more, and facilitating education and training would not only mean  more educated constituents but, but a better economy, and an all together prospering nation.

I hope to see a better debate on the 11th with the vice presidential candidates squaring off.

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