Beauty and the U.S

Sundays, don’t you just love them?  I love spending my Sunday’s at home with my family, I take Landon out for a run (my Retriever-Chow mix), and for the most part try to wrap up any important business so that I may start my week as cluster free as possible.  This also involves a large amount of TV; whether I’m actually seeing it or having it on the background.  During this, I can’t help but always look at what the TV people want me to notice in commercials or for a matter on the show or movie I’m watching.  A lot of it has to do (for women) how to be beautiful, how to make yourself look as beautiful as possible, or how men really only fall for the beautiful woman (not the nerdy best friend who may have a bit more on her bones).  Well, here I am and I’m looking at the large wall of mirrors in my room and I can’t find any correlation with the women they are talking about and so I feel as though my quest to become the beautiful society is selling would be a bit more difficult than the commercials or movie at the moment is selling.

I say no more! Everyone can’t fit into flawless skin, gorgeous full shiny hair, and thin or perfect hourglass figure.  I have to understand that it just doesn’t work that way.  I was lucky enough to do my Fieldwork in the Ancash Region of Peru and  I can’t begin to tell you how much that has served as a sounding board for life and what matters.  As I was being driven by my taxi driver to the bus station in Huaraz to return to Lima, the elder Gentleman began asking me questions about the U.S.  He already knew that I was born in Lima from two Peruvian parents, so his question was about the actual “Americans”; “Is everyone in the U.S  as thin and as good looking as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?”  I couldn’t help but laugh a little.  American TV had done it’s job well, my taxi driver who lives in a little village in Carhuaz and had very limited TV channels thinks we all look like that!  I explained to him that sadly no, not everyone looks as close to those two or anyone in Hollywood.  I informed him about the U.S’s struggle with obesity, and just average looking Joe’s (and the occasional good looking people, which I told him are mostly in Miami).  Needless to say, I left him with his mouth left wide open- I’m sure ready to tell the rest of his family of all that we had discussed.

Which brings me back to my point; we can’t all look like the women or men who are featured on TV.  We come from different backgrounds and see beauty differently. We all have different genetic makeup, which for some impedes looking like them because your body shape is more of a tamale shape than hourglass shape.  This is something that I understand but is hard to apply.  But I hope that just by writing it I will somehow be able to fully accept it.  What do you think is beautiful?  It doesn’t even have to be physically it can be a place, a thing, anything.

Have a wonderful Sunday and an Even better Monday, till then!


About Love and Anthropology

Just a single girl trying to make it out of this world unscathed. I am deeply interested in people, and how they adapt to their surroundings. I look at life and every conversation as a gateway into understanding this crazy thing we call life.

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  1. We want more! We want more!

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